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Password: nmlopez360

Project Details

  • SUMMER 2021 - WINTER 2022

Transform written creative briefs into fully-animated advertisements for the mobile game “Two Dots” with the goal of attracting new players.


Dots was the mobile game studio under Zynga and Take-Two Interactive who created the free puzzle game “Two Dots” for mobile devices. As with any game, Two Dots needed to be advertised to a larger audience in order to convert new players to play it.

My Role and Purpose

As a Junior Marketing Designer, I was tasked with designing and animating advertisements for “Two Dots” with the hopes that the advertisements I created would cost-effectively reach new users who will spend money in-game.

Approach and Process

The creative process for animating Two Dots creatives ran on a weekly cycle of assigning written briefs describing the goals of the creative, creating the animation, receiving feedback, making any noted changes, and then uploading the videos and thumbnails for other team members to publish them in live campaigns.

An In-Depth Look at My Favorite Creatives

Exploring character-focused ideas and themes of relaxation.

  • Displaying character faces tends to resonate more with users, as generally seen with application icons, so we tested creatives that showcase Two Dot’s mascot character Emily.

  • One way we often promote Two Dots is as a way to destress, so we tried a creative that promotes relaxation with a copy that also challenges the intelligence of the viewer.

  • By taking a previously top-performing concept and applying a zen beach theme, we can keep the creative fresh and up-to-date with the season to help ease creative fatigue.

An In-Depth Look at Some Top-Performing Creatives

Taking top-performing concepts and mixing/matching them to create new top-performers.

  • While varying in execution between a simple, looping animation question, introduction cards with gameboard gameplay, and an explorative minigame puzzle, all of these creatives challenge the viewers brains and make them think.

  • These creatives also follow our best practices of asking a question in the copy placed above the gameplay, not being easily-solvable or not being solved correctly, and they also base their content on previously-explored and confirmed top-performing concepts and ideas (eg. circle puzzle).

Learnings & The Future

It can be disappointing to learn that a creative you made didn’t perform well, but you can also gain new insights that will help you design the next top-performer you were looking for!

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