RIT Game Symphony Orchestra Branding

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Project Details

  • FALL 2017

Design a logo, brand, and create brand guidelines for Rochester Institute of Technology’s student-run Game Symphony Orchestra Club.


RIT Game Symphony Orchestra is a still active student-run orchestra club at Rochester Institute of Technology that plays music from video games. They began recruiting members at the beginning of the 2017-2018 academic year, but the club’s branding was virtually non-existent save for a logo. They were in dire need of a brand refresh.

My Role and Purpose

Despite having not being a performing member of the club who also hadn't been elected as the Public Relations Officer until the following year, I took it upon myself to volunteer to create a brand for the club with my main objective being to redesign the club’s logo.

Approach and Process

As I was researching other game symphony orchestra groups and their logo designs, I noticed a trend of using pixel art and also game controllers.

Competitor video game music logos

While the use of pixels evokes the nostalgia of retro games, I felt that these type of logos might suit better towards a slightly older generation of gamers, so I opted towards a more modern look. I started by modernizing the original logo before deciding to play around with the idea of a game controller mixed with a violin.

GSO Logo Iterations 1

When I showed the designs to the co-founders of the club, however, my designs were met with mixed reception. In the end, I scrapped the designs completely in search of new inspiration, which I found within the power button of one of my video game consoles. With a new-found base design, I eventually decided on a minimalistic violin power on symbol. And they loved it!

GSO Logo Iterations 2 GSO Logo Iterations Final

Learnings & The Future

Sometimes, starting over fresh can be a good opportunity that paves the way for something even better.

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